As noted in the text, one of the challenges in teaching is the potential invasion of

privacy. Would you be willing to have your privacy challenged? To what extent would

you tolerate such an intrusion?


Building Your Portfolio

Both your teaching portfolio and your job application will

likely require a description of your teaching philosophy.

Once you have become more advanced in your studies of

currently accepted philosophies and theories, you will

be able to incorporate them. For now, take some time to

write down your current thoughts about what constitutes

good teaching and how children learn best. Focus on the

age groups you expect or hope to teach. Consider incorporating your teaching metaphor.

Your teaching portfolio will also likely need to include

some sort of personal statement about why you have chosen teaching as your career. Take time now to write such

a statement. It need not be long. State your motivations

for becoming a teacher. If applicable, recall some of your

most memorable school experiences and the teachers

who affected your perceptions of teaching.

At the end of the book, you will be asked to repeat and expand on this exercise, and then compare your two writing samples.

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Your CV (curriculum vitae)

should list your important

achievements at each of your

prior employment positions

and during your education.

Summary & Resources

2. The term 21st-century skills suggests that there is a new set of skills that individuals

need to possess to be successful as citizens and in the workforce. How do these skills

compare to the set of skills and knowledge you use in your current job or in your

daily life? Comment on how innovative you already are or are not.


3. Did this chapter assist you in thinking about what ages you would most like to


 What qualities were mentioned that you think most apply to you and your

ability to work with your preferred ages?