For this first Journal Assignment, you will focus on gathering information on the historical development of the controversy. As you research the controversy, consider how the controversy relates to sport administration. 

Why is this issue important to the sport industry? Instructions In a 3- to 4-paragraph Journal entry, respond to the following questions: 1

. How has the controversy over the Washington Football Team’s former name and logo and sexual harassment allegations of former female staffers and cheerleaders evolved in the last few years? 

Have the controversies advanced our understanding on the importance of workplace culture and the difficulties women in sport face. What specific issues are involved regarding sport administration? 

2. Assume the role of the National Football League’s commissioner.

 In your position, what would you encourage the team to do with regard to addressing their public image concerning the name and logo change and the sexual assault allegations levied at the Washington Football Team? 

What rationale would you use to support your suggested strategy?