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Please answer one of the following questions:  


.‘His senses did not so readily reveal any object with just this attribute of extension and no other’ (Hayy Ibn Yaqzan p.125). What observations does Hayy make about the animals and objects in the physical world, and what conclusions does he draw from those observations?


.Ibn Tufayl sets out to prove the existence of a divine creator. What arguments does he use to make his case, and does he succeed in his objective?


.What similarities can you see between Dante’s Divine Comedy and the other set readings for this course? Can you explain any of those similarities?


.Compare the characters of Francesca da Rimini, Ulysses and Manfred in Dante’s Inferno and Purgatory. Does Dante portray these characters differently (and, if so, why do you think he does this?)?


.What was the purpose of self-portraits in Renaissance art? Was this different from the purpose of art in previous generations?