Discussion Board 2:

As nurses and community health advocates, we must address the needs of the vulnerable populations around us. Select one of the vulnerable populations below.

Homeless person


American Indian

Incarcerated person

LGBT person

Person with mental illness

Person with substance abuse

Persons of color living in poverty.

Include the following information in your post concerning the vulnerable population you selected.

1.What specific health conditions disproportionately affect the selected population?

2.What could be barriers to accessing quality health care for the population?

3.What ethical and cultural issues would need to be addressed in caring for the population?

Support your posts with scholarly article(s) or reputable websites. The course textbook may also be a resource. Please be sure to cite your references.

Respond to one/two peer(s) who chose a different population from you. Post a thoughtful question or additional information for understanding the population and use an appropriate reference.

Discussion Board 3:

Choose one of the four articles listed below discussing ethics in public health situations.

Post an overview of your selected article giving the main points of the article.

Insights obtained from the article.

Do you agree or disagree with the article.

How would you apply the information to your current nursing practice