What stereotypes did you bring to the film that may have been challenged by the film?

Apply- Media Review
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Content Requirement
Rent one of the films, “Crash” or “42”. As you watch the film, think about:

What were the causes/reasons for the discriminatory behavior?
What stereotypes were present in the film?
What stereotypes did you bring to the film that may have been challenged by the film?
How were topics such as dehumanization and justification portrayed?
How did you see prejudice being strengthened or encouraged AND how did you see prejudice being broken down and discouraged in the film? Give specific examples in the film.

In a 3-5 page response paper, discuss your reaction to some themes concerning aggression, prejudice, stereotypes, discrimination, the ultimate attribution error, self-fulfilling prophecy, blaming the victim, scapegoating or interdependence.

Choose at least four of those concepts, explain them, and then give specific examples found in the movie. (Make sure that in writing your response, you use such detail that the instructor will know without a shadow of a doubt that you understand what the concept truly means.) Use the questions above to organize your response. Superior papers will also include references to other sources to support assertions.

Please keep in mind that these films present some hard material and may use language and images that are disturbing. While it is not the intent of the College to condone such activity, we want to be sure that you are familiar with how these issues are played out in society and the media. If you feel that exposure to these scenes is too uncomfortable, please let you facilitator know and he or she will arrange a different assignment for this module.

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