1. Do you go to the gym?

2. Why did you join the gym/ why do you not go to the gym?

3. What are your main goals when you go to the gym?

4. What motivates you to go to the gym?

5. What type of apps if any do you use while you are at the gym and why?

6. Do you use any fitness-based mobile applications and why/why not?

7. Do you use these applications often, why/why not?

8. What would motivate you to use these kinds of apps more frequently than

you currently do/ start using these apps?

9. What is your experience using these types of apps?

10. What type of information do you typically seek out using these apps?

11. Is there any other information that you would like to see/ or would have liked

to see when you started using these apps?

12. If you don’t use fitness apps, what type of information would you expect to

see in these types of apps?

13. Have you ever booked a session at the gym, such as a private session?

14. What was your experience like when booking the session, was it easier or

more difficult than expected and why?

15. If you haven’t booked a session before, what types of features would you

expect to see when using a booking feature for a gym?