Support your answers with material concepts, principles, and theories from at least three scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles.  

2. References required in the assignment. Use APA style for writing references.


1.   What types of power do you think are most important for a new CEO, especially if they are considered an “outsider”?  

2.   Although it’s not uncommon for new CEOs to rebuild their management team, what kind of message do you think it sends to employees? 

3.   How can a CEO use power effectively when there are so many competing priorities on their plate at the same time?


Discussion questions: – Please read Chapter 13 “Leadership: Power and Negotiation” and then give your answers on the basis of your understanding.


4.   Which forms of power do you consider to be the strongest? Which types of power do you currently have? How could you go about obtaining higher levels of the forms that you’re lacking? 

5.    Who is the most influential leader you have come in contact with personally? What forms of power did they have, and which types of influence did they use to accomplish objectives? 

6.  Think about the last serious conflict you had with a co-worker or group member. How was that conflict resolved? Which approach did you take to resolve it?