The conversation in the interview was about these questions:

Tell us about how your family first got to California.


What are some places you liked to hang out as a child? What happened to that neighborhood since then?


What was your school experience like?


What parts of California have you lived in?



What was the economy like in your town? Who were the biggest employers? How does it look like now?


What were your parents like when raising you? What did they do for a living (optional)? What activities did you do as a family?


How diverse was your neighborhood in California? What does it look like now?


What was race relations like then and now in the part of California you lived in?


What was immigration like back in the day? How has it changed since?


Talk a little about your work experience in California. What kinds of opportunities were there?


What are some major historical or natural events you remember most living in California?


What are your three favorite things about California?


What are the three biggest problems facing California?


What are your thoughts on the younger generation, housing, and the California Dream?


If you had to leave California, where would you move to?


What gives you hope about the future of California?