Please note:  For this assignment, you will need to use President Andrew Jackson’s State of the Union Address, December 6, 1830.  OR Here. You will also need to find TWO more appropriate sources relating to Cherokee removal.




We have been recently discussing the early stages of U.S. Federal Indian policy. 

 I described that policy as a pendulum oscillating between dual tendencies.

  Which of these tendencies to you think Andrew Jackson’s State of the Union address supports?  

What was the Cherokee position regarding the proposed removal?


Instructions for this week’s submission:


Part 1- Primary Resources


Make sure you weigh your two chosen sources carefully.

  What is the context in which the source emerged?  

Who authored or created the source? 

 What was their perspective?  What was their interest in Cherokee removal? 

 Were they credible sources?  Did they have a stake in the outcome?