1. Summarize one experiment from one of these articles in your own words (with proper APA citations). Your summary should include all of the following information:

 Discuss the theory was the research based on (Note, these are sometimes not explicitly stated.  You may have to figure it out once you identify the hypothesis)

 Highlight at least one of the hypotheses the experiment was meant to address

 Discuss all relevant variables, and specify if they were dependent or independent variables

 What research method was being used to address the hypothesis?

 What was the result of the research? Did the result confirm the hypothesis or not?



2. Imagine you are now the researcher, and do the following:

 Propose an experiment that could extend this research further.    

 Explain why you think it would be a good idea to conduct this follow up experiment.  

 To get the best grade, try to justify your idea in the context of the theory. How might your experiment provide a better understanding of what is happening?  That is, rather than just saying “I’d do it again with more participants” try to come up with another prediction that flows from the theory and suggest a test for it.