What was the situation between the dispute between Corinth the second greatest naval power in Greece and Athens and how this rivalry served to trigger the Peloponnesian War?

You will be able to choose any aspect of Ancient Greek Civilization. Pick something that looks interesting to you. Read about it in the book and see if there is something that you want to investigate further. For example, “The political system in Athens allowed for open participation in the managing of the state for all levels of the socio-economic structure.” You would then conduct research to support your claim and provide specific examples.

Quick Response

The Peloponnesian War is one of the important wars in the ancient world where the war between Sparta and Athens and their supportive allies. The war began after the end to the Persian Wars in 449 BCE. The Sparta and Athens argued on their corresponding spheres of influence leading to friction that led to outright war. However, the primary cause of the war is identified to be the rapid increase of the Athenians growing to become empire according to (Cawkwell, 2006). This was seen as a potential threat to Sparta who was the greatest military power in Greece. The tension continued to grow, which only needed a spark to start a war….

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