: Two STBs of a Saudi Arabian oil (33 °API) are placed in a tank with 1400 SCF of gas (0.68 gravity). The tank’s temperature is then raised to 195 °F. You then start raising the tank’s pressure by injecting mercury into it. a) at what pressure will all the gas disappear? 

b) what will the oil volume be at that pressure? 

c) What will the oil volume be if you raise the pressure by 500 psi above the pressure in (a)? d) If you then inject 560 SCF of a gas (0.75 gravity) into the tank at (c) keeping the pressure constant, will you have any free gas in the tank?  

: A Saudi Arabian black oil has a bubble-point pressure of 1250 psia at reservoir temperature of 142°F. Producing gas-oil ratio (12p) is 370 SCF/STB of 0.872 specific gravity gas and 40.2°API stock-tank oil. Estimate the oil viscosity at the initial reservoir pressure of 2880 psia.