Andrea is assigned to provide care for a 16 year-old female named Jennifer, who was admitted with a large tumor on her chest. During the initial assessment, Jennifer communicates her feelings and fears to Andrea. The biopsy of the tumor showed that the tumor was malignant and a CT of the chest also revealed that the tumor had metastasized to both lungs. Jennifer wants to know what is going on with her, however, the parents insist that the information about her diagnosis not be shared with Jennifer. Andrea has a problem with the parent’s decision, and speaks to the nurse manager about her concerns. 


  1. As the nurse manager, what would you say to Andrea regarding this patient and communication related to the patient’s diagnosis? Why? Explain it I detail.
  2. What are the ethical principles in the conflict? Explain in detail.
  3. As a nurse leader and manager of care, explain what you could do to facilitate communication with the family and ultimately the patient. Perhaps a family care conference? What disciplines might you involve and why?
  4. Does this patient at 16 years-old have a right to know? What does the law state?

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