The most empowered employees:


Make decisions

Correct Are responsible for decision process and strategy

Participate in decisions

Give input


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Employees at different levels of empowerment have different responsibilities. At the lowest level of empowerment, employees have no latitude in their decision making. They are expected to do what they are told and nothing else. At higher levels of empowerment, employees become progressively more responsible for making decisions, until they reach the highest level of decision making—helping to shape the strategy for the organization.

Management at Work

Flight 001 (pronounced “flight one”) is a store that caters to frequent travelers. The business was conceived by international business travelers John Sencion and Brad John. Sencion and John thought it took too long to prepare for trips. They decided to start a travel store that is streamlined and provides frequent fliers with everything they need to travel comfortably. Flight 001’s products include a wide range of carry-on bags, luggage sets, duffels and totes, toiletry bags, document organizers, and gadgets to help travelers use their electronic items wherever they might travel.

Employees who feel like they are part of the growth of a company are more likely to:feel engaged  Correct .


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Employees who feel like they are part of the growth of Flight 001 are more likely to feel engaged—they will feel connected to the organization because they feel like they have a personal commitment to the organization.

Suppose you just accepted a job as the manager of a Flight 001 store. Which of the following actions could you take to empower your employees? Check all that apply.


Incorrect Let employees decide how they will do their work and accomplish their goals.

Correct Give employees regular raises, based on seniority.

Correct Give employees regular updates about the productivity of the company.

Correct Give employees bonuses when the company achieves annual performance goals.


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Employee empowerment can be increased by giving employees more information about their company’s performance; making sure that employees have the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to a company’s goals; giving employees the power to make decisions about their work; and rewarding employees based on their company’s performance.

Giving special benefits or raises unrelated to performance will not increase empowerment, because those rewards do not specifically help employees act more freely or accomplish their jobs more effectively.

Imagine that you conducted a survey to assess employee job satisfaction. The results were encouraging but a substantial percentage of employees explained that the traditional work schedule of 8 hours per day for 5 days per week was not ideal for them. Some employees wanted to be able to pick their children up from school. Others wanted to be able to travel on the weekend. Some employees wanted to work part-time.

Which alternative work schedule should you use to meet the requests of employees who prefer to work part-time?


Correct Job sharing


Temporary work schedule

Compressed work schedule