Question : Consider the main differences and similarities between Jeremy Bentham’s and John Stuart Mill’s approaches to Utilitarianism. Which of these approaches (if either) provides an effective ethical framework for research design?——-




Introduction whole summary for essay (in this essay I will discuss ,,,,) state your intention, Introduce Utilitarianism






Paragraph1  can be :


basic concept


paragraph 2 : introduce Bentham and mill theories


Similarities and diff Bentham and mill theories


What’s their theory?






Paragraph 3 and 4 can be : critical evaluation


In your opinion which theory benth mill provide better ethical theories for research and why


Would there be any problems following benth and or ethics is you were conducting research?


Which of their theory fits better with the rules:


                       i.        Do no harm (physical/psychological, etc.)


                     ii.        Ensure privacy (confidentiality/anonymity/data storage and access)


                     iii.        Avoid deception (of participants and findings)


                     iv.        Ensure voluntary participation (and right to withdraw)


                     v.        Ensure informed consent (and assent if required)


                     vi.        Ensure appropriate dissemination of results


                   vii.        Consider the balance of benefice and maleficence.