. Using the information below calculate the minimum lead time for one unit of production.


Task Lead Time

A 2

B 3

C 4

D 3

E 4






.Given the following information, calculate the Internal Rate of Return for below project.

Initial project cost: $47,000

Cash flow:  

i .Year 1: $46,000

ii. Year 2: $27,000

iii. Year 3: $13,500

iv .Year 4: $6,200




.Which one of the following is NOT part of the five categories of project management risks?

a .External risk

b. Schedule risk

c. Cost risk

d .Procedure risk




.Which one of the following is NOT an element of Lean?

a. Waste Reduction

b. Small Batch Scheduling  

c .Workforce Empowerment

d .Capacity Management  




.Which one of the following is NOT a waste in Lean?

a .Transportation

b .Scrap

c. Waiting

d .Inventory



.Which one of the following product design strategies is based on cost competitive strategy?

a .Copy other successful products  

b .Use of latest technology

c .Low lead time product design

d .New, Innovative products  



What are the four basic service principles of high quality customer service?

a .Product Failure Rate, Fairness, Reliability, Price Guarantee

b .Price Guarantee, Reliability, Wow factor, Fairness

c .Reliability, Recovery, Fairness, Wow factor

d. Product Failure Rate, Reliability, Recovery, Wow factor