This assignment requires watching a video and writing an observational report that includes an analysis of performance and the use of data to determine instruction.


Follow these instructions to complete your assignment:


View Early Elementary Assessment (Matt) on the link below

Observe Matt’s assessment process (be vigilant of what he can do and not do and of the surrounding assessment context)

Develop professional annotations based on your observations of Matt and his assessment process

follow the prompts below to help guide your thinking

use the categories listed below to help you sort your observations

use the CORE book or ACR book to help you further develop your ideas and interpretations and descriptions about the boy

Organize your paper so it includes appropriate headings, sub-headings, and other ways you wish to organize your write up. You can use the structure provided below to help you with the organization.

While this is not an essay, please present your information about the boy’s observation in a professional manner.