Analyze Mary Cassatt’s contributions to the Impressionist movement by looking at her five most important pieces of art. What are the artist’s top five most important pieces? 

Why did you make each decision, in your opinion? 

What significant turning point in the artist’s career does each one represent? 

what concept/Ideas seem to be at the heart of this artist’s creations?

 Make that claim your thesis. With 6 in-text citations from 3 sources. 

Please include a Works Cited Page or a page where you explain where you got the


Some guiding ideas:

–She is one of a tiny handful of women of her generation who were able to advance professionally and artistically while retaining equality with their male counterparts.

 She painted in the Impressionist style while developing a distinctive style that earned her the respect of many of her peers. Impressionism was successfully introduced to the United States as a result of her efforts. Her defining subjects were portraits of ladies and representations of mothers and children caught up in ordinary life. As a result, her style, as well as her penetrating essences of women’s inner lives, distinguished her as a truly contemporary artist of the late nineteenth century.. Convince the readers to see the artist as you do.