Qualitative Research Question Examples

1. Why do leaders fail to gain executive level support for new product development initiatives?

1.a. What leadership actions or behaviors contribute to failure to gain support?

1 b. What leadership actions or behaviors contribute to success in gaining support?

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12 February, 2021

2. In what way are new product development initiatives different than other change initiatives?

2.a. How do those differences manifest themselves in the ability of the leader to gain


3. What cultural elements are present in the retail clothing industry that positions organizations

for success in implementing change initiatives?

You will note that the first research question looks at both the reasons for failure and for

success. It is important to always come at a topic from both perspectives. Questions two and

three are open and will gain information related to successes and failures by asking how. It

should also be noted that the open ended nature of the inquiry has the ability to generate rich data

that is not bounded by preconceived notions regarding the topic.