Why do we need criteria to assess preadmission, care management and discharge processes?

Purpose: Chapter 8 describes the importance of managing the continuum of care to ensure that patients are treated in the right environment of care. Data and quality metrics are used in several ways to facilitate care management. Criteria sets and indicators are used to determine whether a patient was appropriately admitted to the hospital, receives the right care, and gets discharged at the right time. Using a case study from Chapter 8, this assignment challenges students to analyze admission criteria and identify the use of preadmission screening, utilization management and discharge planning. Assignment: After reading Chapter 8, we will use the criteria from the case study on pages 157-1158. Review the criteria set in Table 8.4 (p. 157) and the history and physical report in Figure 8.5 (p. 158), and compare the patient’s history with the admission criteria to determine whether the patient meets criteria for admission to the hospital. To qualify, the patient must meet at least one criterion in severity of illness and one criterion in intensity of service. Assignment Description: Identify at least one criterion in each of these categories (severity of illness and intensity of service) and explain why it meets the requirements for admission to the hospital. Then summarize why the preadmission screening process is an important component of the continuum of care. (NOTE: do not address the customer satisfaction questions in the case study “Project Application” section – we are only concerned with the admission criteria). Parameters: Prepare an APA-style paper that includes the following elements, minimum length 2 pages excluding cover page and reference page. List your references in proper APA style, including the textbook. Introduction: Why do we need criteria to assess preadmission, care management and discharge processes? Body: Identify the criteria that meet requirements for hospital admission (one from the severity of illness category and one from the intensity of service category). Conclusion: Summarize why the preadmission process is so important, what negative outcomes can happen if patients are not appropriately screened? What are the implications for the hospital (financial or otherwise), for the patient?

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