Book (minimum ONE – REQUIRED)
Subject Matter Expert (SME – REQUIRED): a person who has professional experience in a field directly related to your topic (see ME ASAP if you have any questions or want clarification). Our community/building is filled with individuals with diverse experiences and backgrounds – you might be surprised!
Internet (.edu, .gov, .org GENERALLY reliable; .com (commercial) can be less so, but be careful)
Magazines/periodicals/Newspapers (and their equivalent internet presence/website)
Your paper should have the following elements:

1. Introduction with a clear thesis statement at the end of the introduction.

Use an introductory strategy
Quote and commentary
Question and commentary
Fact and commentary
Background info
Anecdote that illustrates aspects of your thesis
Make a connection to the world that could be relevant to readers
Thesis statement
Body paragraphs
Clear topic sentence for each paragraph (P)
A lead in to your evidence
Concrete evidence from your research (E) properly cited
Explanation/analysis of the evidence as it relates to the thesis (A)
What does the evidence demonstrate?
How does the evidence connect to your argument?
Why is this evidence important?
Concluding thought that demonstrates closure of this discussion (S)
Restates the central idea of the paper (thesis)
Say the thesis in a different way.
Write it in two sentences possibly
Makes connections to the larger world (relevancy)
Ends with a thoughtful statement
Works cited
Properly formatted (per video)
MLA format
Title that is thoughtful.
Central issue that doesnt give the paper away
A phrase in your writing (often towards the end) that captures a central theme