Should the NFL adopt a zero-tolerance approach to intimate partner violence?

Will this approach really deter professional athletes used to violence as an integral

part of their lives and their success?

If so, will many victims fail to report because their family’s income would go from

the highest level to unemployment?

Should the NFL focus on the few who have been arrested or on training for all


If the focus is on training for everyone, should the emphasis be on training all NFL

players on family violence (both against children as well as spouses) given the

Adrian Peterson arrest?

Should the League have a set punishment schedule in terms of games not played or

money forfeited per incident?

If so, does a slap equal a punch?

How do these compare to a beating or a pattern of coercive control?

Can a sports league ever make these determinations logically?

Should punishments for such behavior be restricted solely to the individuals, or

should punishments be given to the team for selecting individuals with a known

history of abuse or failing to maintain a culture where abuse among its key

employees is not tolerated?

Should every employer have the same responsibilities, or is it only appropriate for

sports teams?