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Leon Baudot
2 hours ago, at 2:33 PM NEW
There are many philosophies of leadership as well as promulgated styles and just as many analysis of recognized great leaders and what makes a great leader, but if we cut to the chase it comes down to a very simple truth an analysis; real leaders have one key element, they have free willed followers. They have followers regardless of their stature/position/power, because they establish trust, which allows them to influence other and if they are influencing others, they are motivating other to do or accept what they want. The question then is how does leadership correlate to innovation?
Haley Raabe
2 hours ago, at 2:18 PM NEW
The company that I have been researching is Kroger which is a grocery store chain that is in the United States. Kroger was founded in 1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio.
In the last few year, Kroger has had many innovations that has happened within the organization. Right now, Kroger is focused on a “Restock Kroger” program, an aggressive three-year plan to optimize costs, retain employees, and modernize standard company practices. Even though Kroger only has physical locations in 35 states at present, CEO Rodney McMullen is aiming to make Kroger shopping accessible to 100% of American grocery consumers. To achieve this, the company has partnered with Microsoft, and made investments in infrastructure for online ordering and home delivery.
Kroger has piloted a few key tech advancements in two of its stores, one in Microsoft’s hometown of Redmond, Washington, and another in the Ohio town of Monroe. One of these pilot programs is the Enhanced Display for Grocery Environment (or EDGE) tool. EDGE supplements products’ paper price tags with a host of new information. Customers will be able to scan the EDGE tags with their phones and pull up not only pricing, but also unit information, nutritional facts, and allergy warnings. In addition, store employees who assemble orders for curbside pickup have new indicators for where to find the necessary products, shortening the time it takes for these employees to complete an order.
These innovations that Kroger is implementing will be radical and both product-related and process-related.