One of the most influential paragraphs in an essay is the  introduction. It is the first thing your reader sees, and like a movie trailer, the introduction gives highlights of all the best supporting details and/or evidence that will appear in the essay. The introduction will help the reader determine whether or not to read the whole essay.

· Start with a hook for the topic you chose in the Week 3  Discussions.

· the impact of immigration on a society

· the effects of the Civil Rights Movement in the US

· a scientific discovery that changed society 

· the effects of book banning on society

· the downside of mandating uniforms in high school

· the effects of technology on society

· the influence of art on society

· the impact of film on society

· the need for environmental activists

· the need for people to work in the trades

· You may need to spend a little time researching at the Trefry Library or on   for a good hook.

· Add 2-3 sentences of supporting details/evidence from your research. Make sure they are the best, most interesting highlights.

· Add your  revised thesis from Week 3.

· Post your introduction to this discussion.

· Critique the introductions of your peers.