A conclusion summarizes the  most important points of the essay. Conclusions are also the last opportunity for writers to make their points to their readers. They are, therefore, an essential component of the essay. Too often, inexperienced writers write weak conclusions which weakens their essay. Spend some time crafting a strong conclusion.

· Do not start with  In conclusion.

· Review the evidence for the topic you chose in the Week 3  Discussions.

· the impact of immigration on a society

· the effects of the Civil Rights Movement in the US

· a scientific discovery that changed society 

· the effects of book banning on society

· the downside of mandating uniforms in high school

· the effects of technology on society

· the influence of art on society

· the impact of film on society

· the need for environmental activists

· the need for people to work in the trades

· Add 2-3 sentences of the best, most interesting highlights. A good strategy is to choose one piece of evidence from each of the body paragraphs. Rewrite the evidence in new ways so the reader does not recognize them from the body of the essay.

· Add a concluding sentence that restates your thesis statement. Remember the reader should not recognize it as your thesis statement. Make significant changes to the words and word order of the original thesis statement.

· Post your conclusion to this discussion.

· Critique the introductions of your peers.