This assignment talks about Social Injustices and Sexual Objectification. There is also a discussion on the Women in advertisement Industry. Therefore, discuss the social injustices and sexual objectification of women in advertisement.

Social Injustices and Sexual Objectification – Women in advertisement Industry


First, discuss social injustices and sexual objectification of women in advertisement

secondly, describe the challenges women go through in Marketing.

Thirdly, analyze the emotional trauma experienced by women

What the impact of violence against women in Advertisement industry.

Elaborate measures the government can take to stop spread of objectification of women as sexual object in advertisement and public spaces.

What the long term impact of sexual harassment on women.

Illustrate instances where women were publicly humiliated.

What Judicial processes have to offer in administering justice to victims of social injustices.

Social Injustices and Sexual Objectification – Women in advertisement Industry

Foremost, people perceive and treat women as sex objects in social exchanges. Thus, interaction processes through which women are objectified, however, have rarely considered. To address this gap in the literature, we propose the Social Interaction Model of Objectification (SIMO). Resultantly, rooted in social exchange and objectification theories, the SIMO predicts objectifying behaviours stemming from sexual goals between men and women. Therefore, we propose behavioural dynamics of objectification can be understood through a series of goal‐based exchange processes that are shaped by patriarchy.

Additionally, articulating the SIMO and its predictions for behaviour in social interactions, we describe the scant social psychological studies in this area. Also, not only is the SIMO useful for understanding objectifying interaction processes, but it can used to understand why women sometimes evaluate objectification positively as well as instances of sexual violence. Finally, we discuss critical directions for future research and provide promising methodological approaches for testing the SIMO

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