Workplace Capabilities are soft skills employers would like employees to have on their first day of employment.

Workplace Capabilities are soft skills employers would like employees to have on their first day of employment.  By the end of your degree program, you will have the knowledge to exhibit the soft skills Bryant & Stratton College identified as being most important for a successful transition into the workplace.  You can find a comprehensive list below.


Bryant & Stratton College Workplace Capabilities




Interpersonal Skills



Problem Solving




Informational Literacy

Technological Literacy


Financial Literacy




This week you are to create a PowerPoint Presentation.  Reflect upon the portfolio project and how it directly relates to the Bryant & Stratton Workplace Capabilities and then address the following in the PowerPoint Presentation. 

·         Summarize how completing this portfolio project helped you obtain the Workplace Capability Enthusiasm, which is the one identified for this course.

·         Describe how this project meets the Program and Institutional Outcomes listed below.

·         Discuss how you will be able to transfer the knowledge and skills you learned by completing this project into the workplace.

Reflection Grading Criteria

·         A minimum of five  slides but can be more (including a title slide)

·         At least one slide for each bullet above

·         Be creative as possible


For specific grading information, please refer to the Portfolio Project Grading Rubrics below.






Program Outcomes

  • Explain the role of business in a global environment.

Institutional Outcomes

  • Thinking Abilities – Employ strategies for reflection on learning and practice in order to adjust learning processes for continual improvement.
  • Relational Learning – Transfer knowledge, skills, and behaviors acquired through formal and informal learning and lifer experiences to new situations.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills employers expect of new hires entering the career field.

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