This assignment focuses on  Workplace Culture Challenge Article analysis. There is also a analysis of preventing bad behavior and compliance issues.

Workplace Culture Challenge Article analysis : preventing bad behavior and compliance issues

After reading the article “The #1 Workplace Culture Challenge in the Module Two Reading and Resources section. Secondly, select two of the nine items listed that you identify as most valuable in convincing leadership to include culture as part of any change strategy. 

Respond to two of your peers on their selections. Did their choices influence your opinion? Why or why not?

2 pages for initial post and one paragraph for each of the

3 ape, or change some aspect of culture. Thirdly, the need to to change culture within an organization  would be proactively dealing with the subject of culture. May be the most difficult route to convincing a CEO to take action.

Workplace Culture Challenge Article analysis : preventing bad behavior and compliance issues

This could be put into place by possibly holding a monthly cultural change in the work place meeting in which staff would have the chance to speak directly to upper management and discuss culture in the work place and why this particular area needs to be changed, this topic needs to be discussed more in a  open and honest way, at that time any staff can address more specifically particular issues dealt with recently and asking a superior their suggestion.

Additionally, Opening the discussion of the topic will force upper management or CEO to understand. Also,with specific examples from staff that his/her attention is needed once this is understood. Then evolving culture in the work place would be in the near future.”

Detailed Instructions


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