World View Critical Thinking

In preparation for the Critical Thinking Paper and by completing your textbook readings you will be equipped to respond by objectively compiling information from a variety of sources to compose a Critical Thinking Paper. In this paper, you will identify the worldview beliefs of a non-biblical worldview and, applying critical thinking strategies, compare and contrast those beliefs with the biblical worldview (Syllabus MLOs: A, B, E).

Before you begin writing your paper, you must first consider which formatting style you will be using. In this course, you are allowed to choose the one that you are more familiar with, or the one that will ultimately be the style most often used within your major.

Unlike the Discussion Board Forum assignments, it is required that your paper be formatted and appropriate content cited using 1 of the following: current APA, MLA, or Turabian format.

1. Cover page – This is the first page to be included in your paper (based on the formatting style that you will be using, see the sample paper in Blackboard).
a. APA: For this course, a Summary or Abstract is not required.
b. MLA: This format does not require a title page, but does have a specific format for student information.
2. Content pages – These pages will contain your content and fulfill the requirements as listed below.
a. Be sure to complete the minimum word count (500).
i. Do NOT include the question as part of your word count. Use only your answers.
ii. Direct quotations must be short and limited.
iii. Include your word count at the bottom of the paper.
iv. NOTE: Submissions totaling fewer than 300 words will not receive credit.
b. Quotations and material used from other sources must be cited using current APA, MLA or Turabian format. You must include in-text citations and a bibliography/reference or works cited page.
c. Check your work for spelling and grammatical errors.
d. Be sure to do your own work; do not plagiarize.
3. Bibliography/references/works cited page
a. In addition to the in-text citations, a bibliography/reference or works cited page must be included.
b. A minimum of 3 different sources is required.
i. Use academic sources for your paper. (For example, do not include blogs, social media, opinion pages, or Wikipedia.)
ii. At least 2 of the sources must be outside of the materials used in this course (this would include the Bible, any required reading or videos, and the required textbooks).
c. Use correct APA, MLA, or Turabian format

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