My worry is more whether we’re actually in a war right now — it’s a slow moving war, in a sense. People are being starved. Prices are actually going up in the United States continually for basic staple goods. It’s directly caused by an enemy. What does it mean to be at war? If it’s not someone directly attacking your economy, directly attacking the whole world? I mean, the actual bodies are in Ukraine, but the rest of us are suffering along with it. I think that we don’t know whether it’s gonna go from cold to hot. I think that’s really the biggest question right now. The United States is actively sending weapons to people in Ukraine. That means that indirectly, the United States is actually killing Russian kids. I’m not saying there’s necessarily a problem with that. What I am saying is that you have to realize what’s actually going on, because we’re also talking about cyber conflicts, right? When you actually knock someone’s generators offline, or if you knock off someone’s centrifuges, like Israel did in Iran with U.S. help, does that mean you’re at war? If someone dies because you turned off the power somewhere and they were on life support, are you at war?