Context: You have now defined a problem as it is today and explored its history and causes. Thus, it is logical to now recommend solutions. In this last context essay, you will be making concrete and specific suggestions about how the problem might be solved.

Assignment: In an essay of at least 1800 words, recommend detailed, specific, and concrete solutions to the problem you have described in your previous essays. You are required to locate and use at least three research sources in your essay (course texts do not count against your total, though you may use them in your essay), only one of which is an internet source. You will not turn in a separate final draft of this essay but will incorporate your revisions of the rough draft into your final project.

Suggestions: Your recommended solutions should be specific, detailed, practical, and backed by expert opinion. If your topic were hunger, your recommendation should not be just “end hunger by stocking food pantries.” You should recommend precise research-based solutions to end poverty. This does not mean that there is only one method to end hunger; in fact, you will likely find many expert solutions that are in opposition to each other.

Your solution essay will be similar in some spots to your prior essays, and this allows you to connect the current state of the problem to its possible solutions. For example, if you were writing about pandemics, you would connect to prior pandemics, plague, Spanish flu, etc. to ways that solutions/prevention could be derived from a historical perspective. You will likely approach the Solution Context Essay from several different directions at once. Thus, you could address the problem of obesity from several different levels: educating the public, implementation of physical programs in school, and various other ways. Be sure that your essay has a clear thesis and support from research sources to show that your solution is viable and practical. This essay will likely be the closing pages of your Research Essay, so you want to be sure that it weaves a bit of the first two papers into it, so that it is a summation of what you have written thus far.

Good Luck!