Chapter 41: Happiness, Pleasure, and Humor


Chapter 42: Relapse Prevention


Chapter 43: Summing Up




  1. A major focus of Chapter 41 is on the scheduling of pleasant events in one’s life as a way to counter the negative effects of trauma. The chapter raises the issue of the relation between positive and negative life events. Discuss whether you think more positive life experiences can counteract the impact of negative life events. Alternately, do you think that “happiness” can be defined by the number of positive life experiences someone has, or is there more to “happiness” than that?




  1. A key aspect of relapse prevention as it relates to trauma or the treatment of any mental health concern is that setbacks will happen, so it is best to plan ahead for them and be prepared. Discuss how the suggestions in Chapter 42 can help someone plan ahead for eventual setbacks on the road to recovery.




  1. Finally, with Chapter 43 in mind, of the many skills covered in this textbook: Which one or two do you personally find to be the most helpful or useful, and why?