Today the roles of nurses and nurse practitioners (NPs) in hypertension management involve all aspects of care, including (1) detection, referral, and follow up; (2) diagnostics and medication management; (3) patient education, counseling, and skill building; (4) coordination of care; (5) clinic or office management;

One of the most powerful things nurses can do to reduce health disparities is to advocate for their patients. This may include advocating for patient rights, appropriate resources, interpreters, distress screening or even cultural-competence training in your workplace

 nursing practice be improved

  1. Background.
  2. Promote nurse engagement using summits and council structure.
  3. Implement a clinical ladder program to promote professional practice.
  4. Initiate BSN and certification recognition and incentive programs.
  5. Implement a nurse preceptor program.
  6. Implement nurse-led performance improvement teams.