Write a Dear Abbey style paper

You are to assume the role of Dear Abby (look this up, if you are unfamiliar with who this is). Take a communication conflict from your life that has occurred recently or is currently happening. Form the situation into a question and use this question as your first sentence. Type a 500-700 word (include word count), grammatically correct paper on this interpersonal conflict communication situation. You will analyze the situation using terms and theory that you have learned in class. Your goal is to analyze effectively the situation and provide advice for how to make the communication more effective. You should use at least 3 concepts discussed in class or the reading (Highlight these 3 concepts in BOLD). Your grade will be based on the thoroughness of your description and advice. Please refer to the sample Dear Abby letter that I provide.
Example communication situations could include:
• Dear Abby: My family never talks. How do I stop the yelling?
• Dear Abby: My boss is offensive. How do I stop the insults?
• Dear Abby: My romantic partner is non-committal. How do I get our relationship to progress?

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