For this lab you and your partner were to plant 4 different crops (corn, cotton, sorghum, and a flower or vegetable of your choice). Radish was the fourth crop chosen to grow. The experiment was to see the difference in growing stages in all four of these plants in a 10-week period. The height and growing stage for each plant and seed was to be recorded. This lab is important because it gives the students the ability to gain hands on experience on growing plants and being able to identify their structures. Understanding what a plant needs such as: water, soil, fertilizer, and proper temperature, would allow you to grasp the idea of plant growth and development. Due to us being in south Texas, the temperature is not always suitable for growing plants. I assumed that the temperatures would be rather high therefore allowing our plants to grow at a decently fast pace. I believe the radishes would be the first plants to produce its fruit, then cotton, sorghum, and corn. I also believe that corn would be the tallest