For our class, you will write a Literature Review that synthesizes at least 7 academic sources you have found in your research and explains how you will build on them.

Your literature review should have three parts:
– Introduction to your topic and your specific research question.
– The body of your review which synthesizes the ongoing academic discussion surrounding your project. Please note: this should take multiple paragraphs! Things to cover:
– What is the background for your project? How does it fit into previous literature on the topic?
– What is the immediate cultural context of your project? What contemporary work is being done on the topic?
– What methods will you apply in your own work and where will they come from?
– What is the social significance of your project? How does it connect to your reader and why should they care?
– The conclusion to your project should sum up your overall review, reaffirm your research question, and acknowledge any potential challenges you might face.

Source requirements:
7 total academic (peer reviewed) sources that were not given to you as a part of the course syllabus.
If you would like to include sources from class or non academic sources you may, however they do not count towards the 7 source minimum.
Draw on a range of research. These should not be the first 7 sources that come up in Google Scholar. Examine sources from different disciplines and/or fields as is appropriate for your specific topic.

1200-1500 words.
Please follow MLA Formatting Guidelines
You must provide a works cited page.