Availability is a non-functional requirement defined as the percentage of time a system or a service is accessible. This percentage determines the acceptable total outage time for any given period. … It is agreed that availability is among the main challenges of the cloud.


Cryptography in cloud computing is the encryption of data stored in a cloud service. … Cryptographic keys are used to encrypt plaintext into a random string of characters known as ciphertext. Cloud encryption is wise because it secures your data after the information leaves your corporate IT structure.

Cryptography in the cloud protects sensitive data without delaying information exchange. Cryptography in the cloud allows for securing critical data beyond your corporate IT environment, where that data is no longer under your control.

Cloud recovery is the process of restoring data that has been lost, accidentally deleted or corrupted, over the Internet or network, from a cloud-based system. This kind of restore typically involves the recovery of data to a desktop, single server or network attached storage system