The theme of The book “The Marrow Thieves” is family. For the main character Frenchie,the family give him direction, give him hope. The families the only reason for him to keep going, it’s a strong motivation.

As the novel unfolds, Dimaline highlights the many forms of trauma that the Indigenous community is forced to shoulder, from physical violence to emotional pain. … For Wab, her scar is a constant reminder of the violence and trauma that she experienced because of who she is as an Indigenous person.


The story proceeds in a largely chronological fashion, with the exception of a number of flashbacks – called “coming-to” stories – in which characters share the chilling circumstances that led to their separation from their communities.

The Marrow Thieves author Cherie Dimaline remains true to her role as a Métis “storykeeper” amid international acclaim. … Dimaline’s dystopian novel The Marrow Thieves (Dancing Cat Books) tells a dark tale of Indigenous people who are hunted for their bone marrow