Write about obesity

Write about obesity and to cover topics about diets and environment influencing obesity as well as a child’s surroundings. 6 Trusted sources with at least 2 quotes form either Eating animals or omnivore dilemma.

Quick Response

The term obesity refers to a complex disorder that involves excessive body fat, which increases the risk of health issues such as diabetes. Unhealthy eating habits and diet causes obesity(Voss & Wilkin, 2003). That means that individuals who consume more calories than they burn them have a high risk of obesity. In addition, the social and physical environment also influences the type of food consumed by a given population. The environment has changed becoming toxic to promote healthy living. Such is identified in instances where there are increased sugary drinks and unhealthy foods such as junk food. This makes it difficult for the society to make healthy choices including eating animals or omnivore dilemma….

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