1. Write an argumentative essay advocating for your idea of the “best regime” or the ideal or the best possible political system.
2. In your essay reflect upon how your conception of the “best regime” relate to and/or differ from some of the philosophers that we have studied in class. Discuss how your ideas and arguments have been informed and inspired by political philosophers from the past.
a. You are encouraged to engage with the ideas and arguments of the philosophers whom we have studied in class. However, you may in addition engage with philosophers whom we have not studied, if you feel confident and strongly.
b. Make sure that you explain and use the arguments of the philosophers accurately. Make specific reference to either primary texts (philosopher’s own writing) or secondary texts (other people’s commentaries on the philosopher’s arguments/ideas). Provide adequate citation for the texts that you use.
3. In writing your essay consider the following questions, as guides. You don’t have to answer all the questions. However, use them to structure your thinking and writing.
a. Why should there be rulers or a system of political rule?
b. What should be the goal (s) or ends of political rule? What should politics try to accomplish/establish
c. Who should be the rulers? What should be the ideal qualities of for leaders/rulers?
d. How should the rulers be selected?
e. What sort of limitation should there be on political power and on the rulers, if any?
f. What kinds of freedoms, rights, and privileges should be granted to the citizens or the members of the political community, if any?
g. What kinds of responsibilities, obligations, and duties should there be for citizens or the members of the political community, if any?