English 1C/Mentor                                   Assignment #1

For your first writing assignment, please read the essay by Elder and Paul titled “Critical Thinking Development: A Stage Theory” (I’ve included it below). 

Consider which stage you feel that you are at now, in your life; of course, you may be at more than one stage! Then write an essay in which you do the following:

  1. Write an introduction mentioning the essay and stating as your thesis which stage best represents your own development as a thinker.
  2. Then briefly summarize the article; take a paragraph or two, and be concise, but also give enough so your reader understands each stage.
  3. Then explain the stage you are at and use at least two well developed examples to show your reader what you mean by the stage you’ve identified. Important: make sure you refer to the specific definition in the Elder and Paul essay when explaining your particular stage. This means paraphrasing or quoting the definition and then explaining how your example fits that definition.
  4. Finally, write a conclusion that suggests the implications of your essay. How do you imagine moving on to a next stage? What do you want to tell your reader at this point?

This essay must be typed, edited, paginated, and titled. It should be double spaced (or space and a half), and correctly formatted. Please upload your essay to Canvas. This essay is due on February 8, 2022. Good luck!

Here is the article:

Critical Thinking Development: A Stage Theory 

by Linda Elder and Richard Paul 

How do we evaluate our own thinking? In this paper we define critical thinking as: the ability to improve one’s thinking by systematically subjecting it to intellectual self-assessment. We argue that everyone goes through stages of thinking and that moving from one stage to the next depends on each of us challenging ourselves to improve. Also, it is possible to “regress” or go backwards. And this progress isn’t simply about school; we need to think better as a parent, citizen, consumer, lover, friend, learner, and professional. 

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