Based on the assigned readings, students will develop a 3-5 page
operationalization of how they plan to implement ethical guidelines
in social media research into their mock blog entries.

In this assignment, you will read the two articles attached this order (Guidelines for Research Involving Social Media & Social Media Research: A Guide To Ethics), and develop a short ethics proposal that operationalizes your research.

For examples of methodology in social media research, see the introductory chapters of all three assigned textbooks. Each author includes a description of their methodology there.

Guidelines: Although this course is designed to be student-driven, I must provide some parameters for your forays into social media.

Observe only – do not engage. This is our ‘prime directive’, and is for your own safety and security, as well as for methodological reasons (so you don’t influence online discussions and/or behaviour in the places that you visit).

If you must join a group to observe it, you must inform the group administrator(s) of your purpose for being there, and how you intend to protect the privacy of its members.

Within the context of Indigenous identities and communities, student work will focus on how new media technologies and their digital spaces are used:
-as extensions of real life Indigenous communities
-as networks (both physical and virtual) that serve to maintain,
revitalize, and advance real life Indigenous identities and communities,
and/or to fragment them
-as virtual spaces for Indigenous communities of interest
-as vehicles and/or platforms for Indigenous social and political
-as platforms to curate Indigenous identities
-as vehicles and/or platforms for neocolonialism

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