ASSIGNMENT: You are writing a blog for online businesses titled “Advertising for Amateurs. “A hot topic in the blogosphere is, “What is the best way to promote an online company? “Is it best to use search engine marketing, social media, or video ads? Choose one of the three advertising methods and write a post to your readers that provides three reasons your method is the best one.
RHETORICAL DEVICES: You can use rhetorical devices such as pathos, logos, parallelism, and loaded words to strengthen your position.
•Pathos: appeal to emotion that persuades your audience using a passionate plea or convincing story

•Logos: appeal to logic that persuades your audience using facts and figures

•Parallelism: phrases with similar grammatical structure

•Loaded Words: a technique in which emotive language is used to persuade an audience
o Display your magnificent pictures and astounding videos in your social media posts to sustain the rapt attention of your customers.