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15.1 Unit 15 Course Project Outline (GRADED DISCUSSION)

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Objectives: The goals of peer review are:

  1. to help improve your classmate’s paper by pointing out strengths and weaknesses that may not be apparent to the author, and
  2. to help improve editing skills
  3. to keep you on track.
  4. to help you improve your overall grade and


  1. Complete a brief outline of your course project. In your outline, include an introductory paragraph of your subtopic (ie Addressing Mental Health within Corrections)
    one peer and review their outline to help improve their overall score and to keep each other on track with the completion of the course project. Try to select a peer whose outline has not yet been peer-reviewed when you access the discussion.

    Note on the review the Author (whose outline you reviewed) __________ Reviewer (your name) __________

    Read the outline of a colleague once to get an overview of the project, and a second time to provide constructive feedback so that your peer can use it when revising his/her paper. Answer the questions below for your peer review.

  2. In your review note the following
  • Does the outline cover all the points they will need to fully address their selected subtopic? If not, note what they are missing in the outline.
  • Compare your outline to your classmates. Which one has more information? Does either one need more information or less information?
  • Point to at least one place in your classmates outline where you did not understand the point or needed more information, or where something felt like it did not belong in the paper.
  • Which outline, yours or your classmates, has more levels representedthat is, main points, secondary points, third-level points, and so on? Does either one need to show more or fewer levels?
  • Does your outline have a similar organization to that of your classmates (for example, from problem to solution, cause to effect or vice versa, general to specific or vice versa, etc.)? If they seem to follow a very different organization, try rearranging yours to make it similar to your classmates. Which version of yours do you like better? After doing this can you suggest any changes in your classmates outline?