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Discussion: How do nutrients move through an ecosystem?

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Module Discussion Activity


This discussion board is separate from the application discussion board you are also finishing up this week. This discussion will count towards your module activity points for Module 6a. Your personal post is worth 5 points.

  1. Discuss, in detail, how nutrients/matter move through an ecosystem. Be sure to mention key terms (*hint: cycles*).
  2. Explain, specifically, how carbon moves through an ecosystem.
  3. State an example of a biological, geological, and chemical store of carbon.

The key to earning all 5 points is to just be complete in your response. (A few sentences should do the trick). There is no peer response required and you will not be able to see what your peers have said until you post yourself. Once you have posted, browse through what your peers have said to see if you are on the right track with your response. You are more than welcome to respond to your peers posts, but it is not required. Remember the rules of netiquette if you do interact with your peers.

Your response to the questions above are due by Monday at 11:59 pm, along with the rest of Module 6a’s assignments.