Written report detailing launch readiness plan


. At the start of term, you are required to join a team (3-4 students per team); throughout the term, teams will undertake the following activities:

  • identify a problem or opportunity that could be addressed/improved/captured through Design Thinking (the problem may be of a social, service, commercial or digital nature);
  • use Design Thinking tools, techniques and mind-set to develop an innovation that addresses/improves/captures the problem or opportunity you have identified;
  • use planning tools and techniques to plan the next steps that would be required before you can actually launch this innovation;
  • present the Design Thinking process that you have applied to achieve the solution; and
  • develop a written ‘launch readiness plan’ (report format) detailing the next pre-launch steps.

You will have the opportunity to experience and apply relevant tools and techniques throughout the term, templates will be available to support your planning activities, and on-campus students will be given time to workshop their reports in class. Distance students are strongly encouraged to pro-actively seek opportunities to discuss ideas with the unit co-ordinator via email and/or video conferencing appointments.


The presentation looks to the past in that it should report on the Design Thinking activities your team has carried out to get to the innovation you are proposing – there is no maximum of activities you should carry out as this depends upon how you progress your innovation. However, as an absolute minimum, you are expected to have carried out 10 activities as per the prescribed textbook. Your presentation must cover the following:

  • What you have done (activities);
  • What the outcomes of these activities were;
  • What outcome(s) you chose and why;
  • Where – within the Design Thinking process – you are at the point of presenting.

You should ensure that you go beyond purely describing the activities and instead include some critical evaluation of the tools’ merit to your particular Design Thinking process. The description of activities, tools and techniques requires references to relevant literature and evidence of your involvement with these activities. You can evidence this, for instance, by including photographs of your activities that you should be compiling for your blog in assessment 3 anyway, but please remember that this group report deals with your ACTIVITIES and their OUTCOMES, not with the REFLECTIONS on your personal learning – the latter is the content of assessment 3. An absolute minimum of 5 academic references is required. Further supporting material is available in Moodle.


Possible Solution:

1.1 Background

            The growing traffic in Australia has become a challenge for them who are doing night shift jobs or who likely to use the best transportation medium which will not only enable them to reach their destination place easily. But also the accident possibilities should be avoided. Most of the people use the bike as the medium of transportation as it helps in saving their time in traffic rush as well as for its environment-friendly nature. Still, the limited features available in the bikes haven’t facilitated the people successfully  CITATION Nee12 l
1033 (Neely & Hii, 2012).

1.2 Problem Statement

The accident ratio on the road at night is at the high due to the unavailability of any supportive feature that will show the other people about the presence of the bike on the road. The people also need advanced features which will provide direction to their destination and any other advanced facilities.

1.3 Innovation


The innovative idea we are proposing to launch is the CruX Night Bike with a number of advanced features. The first innovation is the radium panels used in the body of the bike which will lessen the accident possibilities effectively. The second innovation is the addition of GPS enabled device which will be connected to the smartphone of the mobile with an app. The third innovation is the wheel based mobile charging which means gaining power along with the pedaling. The most important point we considered and structured is the foldable concept of the bike for easy transportation. These al innovative features will be added to the proposed business plan  CITATION Hao11 l 1033 (Hao & Yu, 2011)


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