Organizational managers are largely responsible for building and managing teams in the workplace. Encouraging corporate leadership to sustain a culture that supports a team structure contributes to the overall performance of the organization through a workforce commitment. Aligning culture and strategy is the fundamental goal of an organization.

You are the Vice President (VP) of Human Resources (HR), and you have been asked by the leadership team to review the existing corporate culture for potential gaps in supporting teams and collaboration in the workforce. You are asked to provide recommendations to the leadership team on creating a corporate culture that supports a collaborative and team environment within the workplace.

Once you have watched the video (Organizational Culture), write a minimum 3-page analysis that answers the following questions and supports your recommendations for updating the corporate culture.

Your plan should identify 3 specific challenges and provide strategies from the questions answered that support your plan to address each challenge. Each point should be 2–3 paragraphs in length.

Answer the following questions:

When you talk about organizational culture, you are talking about the experiences from the perspective of whom?
You have just been hired as the HR VP in charge of corporate culture. What will you consider as you address the organizational culture?
Managing corporate culture well directly impacts the health of an organization through what key areas?
Culture helps to identify potential employee candidates who will be a good fit. What is this a facet of?
What are the 7 unique components of culture?
The traditional culture model by Cameron and Quinn identifies what 4 types of organization culture?
What are the 4 progressive models of corporate culture?
What are the 4 steps used to create a culture in an organization?
What are 3 of the 5 areas identified in the video that warrant a change in culture?
What is a way to ensure workforce engagement and support for corporate culture?