You must conduct market research analysis for your marketing campaign to provide a thorough justification for your artefacts.

You must conduct market research analysis for your marketing campaign to provide a thorough justification for your artefacts. This can include both primary data (your interviews and surveys of potential prospects) and secondary data (Google keyword research tool etc.). This should include the topic and keywords for the main topic you are going to address, key social media influencers who could make the campaign spread virally or by any other method, which could help in increasing the impact of your campaign. This section can include: – interviews and survey data justifying the need for your artefacts, a tabular extract from Keyword Research, competitor activity analysis in this area, screen shots of current competitors’ ranking for your primary keyword terms using different tools such as Google Keyword research tool, Google Trends, Google Insights for Search etc. Organisation – 25 marks: Based on your analysis, you must critically evaluate the principles and processes involved in developing integrated marketing communications and produce a Search and Social Media Marketing strategy for one year and a business plan that identifies this campaign and how it should be implemented by the client organisation. Any resource implications and potential maintenance issues have to be highlighted here. Your campaign should have a clear Aim, and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable Realistic and Time bound) objectives. The objectives are linked to Key Performance Indicators for your campaign – for example, the number of visitors you are anticipating to achieve and when. Your planning has two elements – one for you “internal plan” as a team so you need to plan and allocated work to each team member and this will include the pilot campaign activities. You are also expected to produce a “campaign plan” for the full campaign implementation based on your pilot results. Documentation of your group project management requires a Gantt Chart (illustrating clearly tasks contributed by each team member), Risk Assessment, and Attendance Register to your meetings. Weekly meeting minutes (in the appendices and not part of work count). This section can include: – Your long-term plan or strategy for the campaign. Key SMART objectives. Document the proposals of specific Social Media Services. Gantt charts – for your teamwork detailing the task and the team member responsible for carrying out that task. Each task should have a leader who has main responsibility and take the credit for the activity. Risk Assessment – one for your teamwork and one for campaign launch for 1 year outlining the main risks. Creative proposals outlining what the key messages will be for each segment and how they will be delivered. Artefact – 50 marks: As part of this process you have to develop pilot campaign artefacts. This section can include: – Based on your plan for the campaign, demonstrate draft prototypes of your artefact. For example, this could be high quality digital materials such competitions, audio, video, widgets, games, content etc. Any artefacts produced have to comply with the corporate identity of the client.

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