An opinion essay Introduction


•Introduce the topic and state your main opinion.


Say which two points of view or aspects will be discussed.


To explain the reasons for my opinion, I will explore this issue from the viewpoint of (an old person) and (a teenager).


It is my intention to examine this issue in terms of (freedom of speech) and (public safety). This essay will look at this question from the perspective of (both) (customers) and (shop owners).


Main paragraphs


• Discuss different aspects of the issue and support the main opinion you stated in the introduction.


In terms of (public figures as role models),


I believe …


It is also important to consider this issue with


regard to (public figures’ rights to privacy). Another important angle on this issue is


(public safety).


From the perspective/viewpoint of (a teenager), …


Expand the discussion by giving examples.




• Use a linking phrase to introduce


a conclusion.


In conclusion, …


To sum up,…


All things considered, …


All in all, …


• Restate your main opinion.


• Include a final comment.