This assignment focuses on Implications of man’s evolutionary origins . There is also a description of experimental versus an observational study.

Implications of man’s evolutionary origins : experimental versus an observational study

Holistic Health


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1-Discuss a) the difference between an experimental versus an observational study and.  b) the implications for clinical treatment strategies. Many of the first models of cultural evolution drew explicit parallels between culture and genes by modifying concepts from theoretical population genetics and applying them to culture.

Implications of man’s evolutionary origins : experimental versus an observational study

Cultural patterns of transmission, innovation, random fluctuations, and selection are conceptually analogous to genetic processes of transmission, mutation, drift, and selection, and many of the mathematical techniques used to study genetics can be useful in the study of culture. However, these mathematical approaches had to  modified to account for the differences between genetic and cultural transmission. For example, we do not expect cultural transmission to follow the rules of genetic transmission strictly.

Experimental versus an observational study

2-Discuss the implications of man’s evolutionary origins that are related to health as well as the onset of disease and/or dysfunctional behaviors. 3-From a somatic perspective discuss.  a) how back pain develops and then, b) describe a holistic process of re-education. 4-Define: Sensory-motor amnesia, red light reflex, Landau reaction Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, biofeedback, therapeutic touch. Then, one pointing, image­ry and visualization, placebo and nocebo, false positive, false negative, nosocomial disease, observational study, learned disuse.

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